This immaculate, high-resolution A Series Elite Display will dramatically bring your videos, commercial advertisements and other important information to life. Designed specifically to display moving content, this sign showcases all animations and graphics in the highest clarity and readability. Great for dense pedestrian and vehicle traffic, this display will create the excitement and impact that your establishment is looking for from an LED display.
Being one of the industry’s clearest outdoor full-color LED display to read from a distance, the A Series Classic is sure to maximize your sign’s impact and drive attention to your business. This sign is ideal for displaying static, bold, attention grabbing messages, information and images.
Tested in extreme temperatures to ensure all displays can operate within -22F to 122F / -30C to 50C
High Accelerated Life Approved for over 10 years of life.
IP65 Rated LED Enclosure - ultra-thin, scratch- & crack-resistant, industrial-grade enclosure that adds significant    safety and security to the life of your sign.
All A Series have successfully passed the following tests: Thermal, Cold Start, Signal Integrity, Salt Fog ASTM        B117, Impact & Flame, Rain, Immunity & Surge Protection.
100% Fully Front Serviceable
Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty with 2 Year On-site Labor Warranty.
The A Series Classic is your advertising gateway to every vehicle and pedestrian that passes by your establishment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having the right combination of visually-persuasive media is vital.
With the purchase of every A Series display, you’ll receive custom, high-impact media and an intuitive sign-messaging tool called Ooh! Media.
Prior to receiving the A Series sign, our team of professional designers will speak with you to identify your messaging needs. Based on your guidelines, our team of specialists will design and provide a series of dynamic, custom messages for your sign that are tailored to your company’s specific needs.
All media will be specifically designed to captivate your audience, create instant excitement and make a long-lasting impression. You will have the ability to easily change the overlaid text messages of each piece of content to reflect your current specials and other information

LED Signs


PDR0216-4: 2 Lines by 16 Characters
4" Text, 15.5" x 63" (H x W)
(Image is 1:20 scale)
Window hanging
8"Hx39.5"W x4"
Window Hanging
11.6"Hx39.5"W x4"
Window Hanging
14"Hx39.5"W x4"
PDA0416-4: 4 Lines by 16 Characters
4" Text, 28" x 63" (H x W)
(Image is 1:20 scale)
PDR0116-6: 1 Line by 16 Characters
6" Text, 11" x 87" (H x W)
(Image is 1:20 scale
PDA0212-6: 2 Lines by 12 Characters
6" Text, 19.25" x 67" (H x W)
(Image is 1:20 scale)
Gas Station Price Changer
LED Pylon Sign

In-Door LED Signs

PDC0324: 3 lines by 24 characters (~4 feet)
PDC0324: 3 lines by 24 characters (~4 feet)
PDC0824: 8 lines by 24 characters (~3 feet)
Pixel Size: 3mm on 4.57mm Pitch
Pixel Color: Red and Tri-Color
Memory: 496KB, upgradeable to 1MB
Input: PC, TCP/IP, RF, Phone Modem
COM Port: 1 Serial (DB9 Connector Input),
Operation: Real Time Clock/Calendar and
                  Flash memory for permanent backup.
Character Size: 1.2" or 2.1" (inches)

XLC40PC: 18"x63.1" (HxW)