ADA Signage

ADA Signage can be a confusing issue. Let our experts at Classy Signs help you to make a "good faith effort" to comply with ADA regulations. Please contact us for a free consultation.
Features Includes:
Grade 2 Braille with rounded edges to protect the finger tips of the user.
Braille dot location consistently positioned at the bottom of the sign, eliminating the need for the non-sighted user to "hunt" to locate the Braille.
Designed to be a very vandal resistant sign.
Impossible to scratch off the background or letter color.  The background color is sub-surface.
Letters and symbols, face and edges, are an integral color.  No exposed painted surface.
The sign and letters are a non-glare, mar-resistant surface.
The letters and symbols are embedded into the face of the sign, to thwart the removal with fingernail, ball point pen, key, etc.  No "glued on", surface applied letters, symbols or Braille.
All the public access locations must have the ADA signage.
What is ADA
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