Traditional outdoor lighting systems in the industrial and retail outlets are inefficient and cost more money to maintain and operate during the night time. With LED technology, you save energy and reduce monthly electric bill up to 50% or more, why use old practices that cost you money?  The quality of the lighting and cost reductions are the most important factor by switching over to LED light fixtures. We offer over 50% rebate though ComED Trade Ally program, please contact us to evaluate your present lighting situation and we can show you how much you can save by switching to LED lighting on a monthly basis in addition to rebates and incentive on LED light fixtures.  Take advantage of the ComEd rebate program while it lasts.  We are committed to give you energy saving lighting solution to each
How people view your gas station from the street in the night time is one of the most important factors to increase business and providing the sense of safety. Our LED Lighting System will change the outlook of your gas station with cleaner and brighter lighting to stand out from the crowd while saving energy and cutting the monthly bill up to 50%. This is the best way to increase visibility and draw more customers during the night time.